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LG teases touch-free interface | AndroidPIT

LG attracted the press to its event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Barcelona with an interesting teaser video this year. The video suggests that it will be showing a smartphone with touchless gestures. Hands could float above the user interface, enabling you to swipe in the air. This can be interpreted as an indication of the release of the upcoming flagship, the LG G8.

On Sunday, February 24th, LG will show us something new in Barcelona. This is now known, thanks to a new teaser video. While the press invitations are still being sent out, the video gives rise to speculation and an idea for a new unique selling proposition of the company’s upcoming product.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the leading trade fair for the mobile communications industry. The who’s who of smartphone manufacturers traditionally presents its new models. This gives reason to believe that LG will show its new top model from the G series again this year. This time, it would be the turn of the LG G8.

And all of this is to attract attention to a new unique selling point: touch-free gesture control to revolutionize the user interface. “Goodbye Touch” is the name at the beginning of the video.

The MWC is regarded as a large premiere stage for renowned top smartphones. With a few exceptions, competitors such as Samsung and Huawei use the large media presence to draw attention to their new top models. However, Samsung is staying clear of the field in 2019 and presenting its Galaxy S10 before the MWC and not in Barcelona but in San Francisco. Huawei, on the other hand, could at least show a foldable phone if no successor to the P20 is available. Xiaomi could add more European countries to its market, but is not expected to show any truly innovative products.

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huawei falt smartphone patent letgodigital 01
If Huawei hasn’t just implemented this patent and shows nothing about it at MWC, LG has the show in Barcelona to itself /
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So there is a realistic chance that LG will have the stage at MWC 2019 to itself, and the G8 will be able to capture the full attention of the media with its innovative gesture control.

How interesting would you find touch-free control for your smartphone? What practical applications do you see for this?


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