LG’s V40 comes at a time when LG desperately needs a break. After the V30, V35, and G7 all stumbled out the gate with unforgivable flaws and half-baked features, LG has gone back to the well with the V40. And wouldn’t you know it, LG’s finally got it right. With the changes to the screen, camera, and design, the V40 fixes early every problem I had with its predecessors.

Whether that translates into robust sales or any kind of sustained success remains to be seen, but the V40 is a phone that can stand up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3 XL, and even the iPhone XS Max. The penta-camera system you’ve heard about gives it a massive boost over the G7 without introducing too many gimmicks, and the OLED display is a giant leap over the V30‘s screen.

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