During the LG Wing launch event in September last year, LG teased an upcoming device with a rollable display. Soon after that, we saw reports suggesting that the company had already started work on a prototype called Project B. At CES just a few days ago, LG then showcased the device, giving us our first look at the innovative rollable display tech. However, since the smartphone showed off during the trade show was in the concept stage, there were some doubts about LG’s plans to bring it to market later this year. Now, a spokesperson from the South Korean OEM has confirmed that the device will make its way to consumers this year.

Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG, recently told Nikkei Asia that LG management “wanted to show that it is a real product, as there were many rumors around the rollable phone.” He further added that since the device has already been showcased during CES 2021, “it will be launching this year.” Additionally, the report reveals that the company has contracted China’s BOE Technology Group to produce the rollable displays. As of now, neither LG nor BOE have revealed any official information about this partnership.

It’s worth noting that LG isn’t the only company working on a smartphone with a rollable display. Chinese OEM OPPO has already showcased a concept smartphone, called the OPPO X 2021, which features a rollable display. The device uses OPPO’s proprietary Roll Motoro powertrain to expand the display from 6.7-inches to a maximum of 7.4-inches. Along with LG and OPPO, TCL is also working on rollable display tech. The company shared a video during its CES presentation, showcasing a smartphone with a rollable display. At the moment, we have no further information about TCL’s rollable smartphone.

What’s your take on phones with rollable displays? Do you think they have the potential to replace foldable smartphones in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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