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Ford currently manufactures the Edge in Oakville but the current production plans only go until 2023 meaning they need to find a new car after that or follow in the footsteps of GM and close things down.

The preferable thing would be to keep production going. The ultimately preferable thing would be for that to happen without government money.

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Sadly, the reality of this world is I’ve never covered a government of any stripe that isn’t more than happy to give automakers taxpayer dollars. I’m not happy about the money but I am excited that for a change, there appears to be some bold thinking in trying to do more than just get the plant to stay open.

“We would like to manufacture the batteries here rather than bringing them in from out of country,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on Monday. “We have the capabilities. We have the raw materials here.”

Securing Ontario as a producer of parts for electric vehicles will help secure the future of auto assembly in the province. Ford is making a major push on electric; the comapny recently announced a major investment to build an electric version of the F-150, the most popular pickup truck in North America, in Michigan.

If Ford can be convinced to change its Edge production to an updated electric version with batteries made in Canada, it will be a game changer for the industry and attract more investment. Volpe noted that the parts industry is already supplying some electric vehicle components.

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