Saturday, September 18, 2021

Long-delayed Lone Echo 2 Finally Gets Summer Release Date

Lone Echo is one of the best regarded Oculus exclusive titles, which has made its follow up, Lone Echo II, highly anticipated. Originally slated to launch in 2019 and pushed back by numerous delaysLone Echo II is now set for a Summer release date on Oculus PC.

Today during the Oculus Gaming Showcase it was announced that Lone Echo II is finally nearing a release date.

It isn’t clear what caused such a significant delay, though between the game’s initial announcement back in 2018, developer Ready at Dawn was acquired by Facebook. That made it seem likely that the lengthy delay may have been to make time for the studio to port the game to Oculus Quest part way through development, but today’s announcement only confirms a release on Oculus PC for Rift (and Quest via Link).

Ready at Dawn has been awfully quiet about the game lately, but it has been confirmed that it is a direct continuation of the story of Jack and Liv following the original game. When we went hands-on with the game way back in 2019 it appeared to be an evolution of the same linear narrative gameplay with polished VR interactions which propelled the original game to be among the best rated on the platform; check out 15 minutes of Lone Echo II gameplay here.

Ready at Dawn has shared a few new GIFs (below), though they aren’t particularly revealing:

In any case, we’ll finally get to play Lone Echo II with a release date set for this Summer on Oculus PC; our fingers are crossed that the gameplay still holds strong in the face of the evolution of VR gameplay which has steadily progressed over the course of the game’s lengthy development.

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