The City Council adopted new requirements at its meeting Tuesday night.
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MADISON, Wis. — New requirements for electric vehicles are coming to Madison.

The City Council adopted new requirements at its meeting Tuesday night. According to a release, the new ordinance requires at least 10 percent of newly-built parking for multifamily residential and some commercial uses to be electric vehicle-ready: This means there will need to be measures in place to easily add chargers in the future. The measure also includes a schedule to increase the percentage of electric vehicle-ready and electric vehicle-installed parking every five years.

The City Council cites Madison’s goal of community net zero carbon emissions by 2050 as a reason for passing the measure. The Council said 41 percent of the city’s emissions come from cars.

District 12 Alder Syed Abbas sponsored the proposal. Alders Tag Evers, Grant Foster, Patrick Heck, Max Prestigiacomo, Mike Verveer, Lindsay Lemmer, Sambah Baldeh, Shiva Bidar, Nasra Weheile, Keith Furman, and Sheri Carter co-sponsored the proposal.


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