A man was arrested on Saturday for looting his neighbour’s house in Gujranwala to get money to buy his girlfriend a smartphone. His cousin was also arrested.

The accused, Shahid, told SAMAA TV that his girlfriend wanted a smartphone. “She asked me three to four days ago to get her a phone. I told her that I will get one soon because I don’t have a job,” he said.

He and his cousin Sarfaraz then looted a neighbour’s house to get the money for his girlfriend’s phone. They said that they were inspired by a Bollywood movie.

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Shahid stole his neighbour’s phone during the robbery and gave it to his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, the police were able to track the phone through the IMEI number and arrest him.

The CIA recovered Rs0.1 million, the mobile phone, a motorcycle and weapons from Shahid and Sarfaraz.





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