Is it any surprise that Martha Stewart would jump on the meal-kit bandwagon? In 2016, she partnered with Marley Spoon (a company, not a person) to launch the Martha & Marley Spoon meal-kit delivery service featuring her recipes and cooking techniques. We enjoyed all of the recipes we made and ingredients arrived fresh and cold. However, at $12 per serving, it’s one of the most expensive kits we’ve reviewed, in line with Purple Carrot, which offers all vegan dishes, Editors’ Choice Sun Basket, and southern-style PeachDish. It won’t save you as much money as other companies, but if you’re looking to step up your cooking game with different techniques and complex sauces and dressings, Martha & Marley Spoon is a tasty choice.

Getting Started

Sign-up is quick. Start by choosing how many people you want to feed: two, three, or four. Both plans have options for two, three, or four recipes per week. For two recipes a week for two people, each serving costs $12; for three, the per-serving cost is $10.25, and that goes down to $9.50 each for four servings. On the larger plan, assuming you’re cooking for four people, two meals per week costs $9.50 a serving, three meals are $8.90 each, and four meals are $8.20 apiece. On either plan, if you stick to two or three meals per week, you can make the whole box vegetarian, as adding any more meals requires delving into meat products. These prices are a bit higher than competitors like the Editors’ Choice Blue Apron, which charges about $2 less per serving for the most basic plan.

Delivery charges are included in all plans. Some meal-kit companies charge extra shipping on plans that include just two meals per week, such as Blue Apron, an Editors’ Choice, and Plated.

Martha and Marley menu

Next, you input your ZIP code to make sure the service delivers to you—the website says the company ships to most of the contiguous United States—and select your delivery day. In New York City, options are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. Then you choose what date you want to receive your first delivery. Blue Apron and HelloFresh each ship seven days a week, giving them an edge here.

The last step is to fill out your taste profile, indicating whether you’re a vegetarian and if you like different types of meat, seafood, and spicy dishes. Martha & Marley suggests recipes for you based on your preferences, but you can choose any of the 10 meals from the weekly menu. Recipes have tags such as vegetarian, kid-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and under 30 minutes to make your decision easier.

Martha and Marley taste profile

I chose the two-person, two meals per week plan, and ordered the Grilled Philly Pork Hoagie and Asian Steak Salad for the first delivery, and Beef-Mushroom Yaki Udon and Cuban Mojo Pork Chops for the second. Each week features three or four vegetarian recipes as well.

You can skip upcoming orders up to five days before delivery and cancel the service altogether up to six days before delivery.

The Martha & Marley Spoon Meal Delivery Experience

Martha & Marley Spoon adds a special touch for its deliveries. My first box included a thank you note that looked close to real handwriting, though it was likely an image, and the second box contained a free tote bag, thanking me for ordering again. Other services send welcome pamphlets, but this is a step above.

Both deliveries arrived on time, intact, and cold. The cheese for the hoagie—two snack size portions—got lost in the packaging, so I didn’t find them until I starting breaking down the box, which is recyclable, as are the plastic ice pack shells, paper liner, and ingredient bags. Recycling instructions are available on the website, with an easy-to-find link at the bottom of the home page.

Martha and Marley packaging

The recipes were mostly easy to follow, though the pork hoagie required a grill or a grill pan with grates and a meat mallet, none of which I had on hand. I used a regular skillet to cook the meat and a metal coffee press to pound out the meat, but the recipe card didn’t mention what to do if you didn’t have that equipment. The sandwich still turned out well, even though the pork lacked grill marks, and the whole process took about 45 minutes. The pork chops also needed to be flattened, but that card listed a heavy skillet as an alternate tool.

Martha and Marley food 2

Each recipe card had a 30-minute prep/cook time, but the only meal I was able to complete in that time frame was the seared steak salad. The salads and dressings that went with the seared steak and pork chops were delicious, featuring ingredients like mint, charred or chopped onions, and grilled pineapple. My favorite dish was the perfectly flavored yakisoba.

Help and Extras

To cancel the service, go to the setting page and click Stop Subscription. Then, you have to pick a reason, such as “too expensive” or “didn’t like the food.” Once you confirm you’d like to cancel, you can also leave an optional comment. I was able to cancel easily.

The customer service email and phone number are listed on Martha & Marley Spoon’s FAQ page, where you can also find information about shipping, ingredient sourcing, and how to cancel your account. There’s also a blog, called The Spoonful, with recipe ideas, ingredient explainers, and holiday ideas, with posts like “waste no more: how to turn your veggie scraps into vegetable stock” and “7 tasty takes on tacos.” The company also is active on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Martha Knows Best

If you want to try new ingredients and learn new cooking techniques, Martha & Marley Spoon is worth consideration. I loved the recipes I made, which were tasty and uncomplicated, and the sauces and dressings were phenomenal. You should check on what sort of equipment you might need, though, before selecting a recipe. Also, at $12, the price per serving is high. If saving money is your priority consider Blue Apron or HelloFresh, instead.



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