Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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McDonald’s staff hid in fridge to avoid customer who started a fight after restaurant ran out of menu item

Staff at a McDonald’s in Henry County, Georgia, were allegedly forced to defend themselves with a crowbar and hid from a customer in a fridge after a fight broke out.

It began on Tuesday evening when a customer became upset at the Bill Gardner Parkway restaurant, after it had run out of something on their order.

A staff member, aged 16, told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta that the customer began to hurl coffee at the drive-thru window, before banging on it, and grabbing a chair.

A cell phone video shows staff retaliating by throwing a coffee back towards the customer through the drive-thru window, enraging him further.

“We did it for self-defence, because we didn’t know what to do,” the staff member said. “I was scared, because like, you never know how crazy people are like. He could have had a gun and shoot us all.”

McDonald’s staff, many of whom were allegedly aged 16, called 911 and ran for the fridge, which they locked themselves in as the angry customer went inside the store.

One employee reportedly grabbed a crowbar to stop the man from being violent. The customer, who was with another individual, threatened to hurl a chair.

The local police department, who arrived to find that the customer had left, told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta that the two customers have been identified, and charges could be filed.

The 16-year-old employee has since left his job, it was reported.

The Independent has reached out to McDonald’s for comment.


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