There has been a bit of trend for carmakers to create super futuristic electric cars and concepts to dimply what the future of motoring could be.

A restored company in Los Angeles has, however, does the complete opposite to create a ‘Derelict’ EV.

The firm took a Mercury coupe and transformed it into the 1949 Mercury EV Derelict.

It was commissioned by a longtime client to ICON, who specialise in electric car conversions, who wanted the firm to “push the boundaries of design and engineering.”

ICON unveiled the new EV conversion at the 2018 SEMA car show.

The car’s exterior was preserved and looks like it has been left untouched since 1949 hen it was built.

It was “forensically disassembled” before the firm replaces all the rubber, added insulation and sound-deadening products all over the vehicle.

ICON then reassembled the car the vehicle in such a manner to make it appear as if it hadn’t been modified at all.

However, it features a new powertrain and a “robust 4-wheel-independent chassis was developed with Art Morrison Enterprises alongside Brembo brakes.”

It is powered by dual electric motors which produce 400 hp and 637 Nm which gives it a 120mph top speed.

The car’s battery is borrowed from a Tesla Performance 85kWh which is “strategically fit throughout the vehicle for exceptional weight balance.”

This battery pack allows the car to have between 150-200 miles of range on a single charge and has a 1.5-hour full recharge capability.

ICON has positioned a CHAdeMO 125A fast-charger plug behind the tilting front licence plate frame.

To preserve some of the car’s vintage powertrain design the firm built a custom alluminium ‘engine’ enclosure which houses the battery controllers and a few of the Tesla modules.

Inside the car, the analogue dials have been replaced from a small screen and the car has also been given air conditioning and electric windows – which can be operated by the original winders.



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