One of the big new features included as part of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 release is the option to set apps other than Apple’s own as your default browser and mail clients. The option to change your default browser from Safari rolled out in the latest iOS 14 beta update, opening up testing for third-party browsers. Now, with the latest version of the Microsoft Edge beta on iOS, you can set Edge as your default browser.

To test the feature out, you’ll have to be enrolled in the limited TestFlight beta for Microsoft Edge. As Neowin reports, the update that adds the option to set Edge as your default browser began rolling out over this past weekend. Once installed, Edge will prompt you to set it as your default.

So far, Google Chrome and Edge are the only browsers to light up the new default browser behavior. Presumably, we’ll see other browsers like Firefox jump on board soon. The new default options for email and browser apps will roll out to everyone with the full launch of iOS 14, which is expected in the coming weeks.


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