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Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev have a new way to search through your history

Edge Dev Hero 2020 NewfeatureSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

A few weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out a new way to search through your favorites on Microsoft Edge Canary. It turns out that Edge Canary and Edge Dev also include a new way to search through your history. In both cases, you can search for content by typing into the toolbar of the browser.

The new history search feature is available in build 90.0.792.0, as spotted by Twitter user “Leopeva64.” We’ve also seen the new feature in the Dev Channel for Microsoft Edge, which recently received version 90.0.782.0.

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To search through your history, you just need to tap on the history icon on Edge’s toolbar and type into the text box that appears. It works identically to searching through favorites. You can also bring up the history menu by pressing CTRL+H.

You could already search through your history by opening the “Manage history” section of Edge, but this new option saves a few steps. Now, you don’t have to jump to a separate page within settings to search through your history.

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