Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Microsoft game development kit update can improve performance on Xbox Series S

What you need to know

  • Microsoft, like other console manufacturers, continues to improve its game development kits, improving the tools available for game developers. 
  • The Xbox Series X has 16GB of RAM, with 13.5GB for games to use, while the Xbox Series S has 10 GB of RAM, with 8 GB for games to use.
  • The June 2022 Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) increases the amount of RAM developers can use for games on Xbox Series S with “hundreds of megabytes” newly allocated for games.
  • This means some future games on Xbox Series S may see improved performance.

Games made on Microsoft’s lower-end current-generation gaming console now have slightly more resources for developers to use.

Microsoft shared (opens in new tab) on Thursday that the June 2022 Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) is now available for game developers, bringing a variety of improvements that have been requested by developers. Among these improvements is additional memory for game development on the Xbox Series S


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