Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Microsoft Too In The Fold With New Trend, Could Join Foldable Smartphones Race with New “Windows-Powered” Devices


  • Do you expect a Surface Phone from Microsoft this year?
  • Should Microsoft revive Windows Phone?

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface Phone has been highly expected by loyalists across the world. Now, there is said to be a plethora of foldable hardware whilst focussing on Windows.

As per a Verge report, that quotes sources with knowledge of internal plans at Microsoft, there could be multiple foldable smartphones possibly running a tweaked version of the company’s Windows operating platform also offering support for native applications. The report also hints at apparent references with regard to dual-screen mobile hardware produced by Microsoft.

Also, Microsoft is rumoured to be working closely with chip maker Intel and a host of other names with respect to piloting next-gen foldable smartphones and dual-screen phones (possibly) running on Windows. At this juncture, it is worth noting that an apparent foldable device said to be codenamed Andromeda recently surfaced through a book written by noted technology journalist Broad Sams. This device is rumoured to be in Redmond’s launch lineup in 2019.

Hence, the new reports about a potential Microsoft foldable phone with Windows at the driver’s seat add substance to the earlier rumours that hinted at the apparent existence of Andromeda foldable smartphone that could also be a tablet-smartphone hybrid (through foldable screens).

In related news, Microsoft which had confirmed participation at the E3 2019 gaming event has also mentioned that it would have lots to share at the conference. Now, would this lead to a next-gen Xbox gaming console, or newer games, or even something totally next-gen; do share your thoughts/insights?

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As far as Microsoft next-gen hardware is concerned, the Surface Go is currently on sale on e-tailer Flipkart in India. The 2-in-1 hybrid slate is priced at Rs 39000. Hence, theoretically, it makes sense for Microsoft to showcase a new foldable smartphone (with dual-screen support) at this juncture. Are you expecting new hardware from Microsoft?

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