Thursday, May 19, 2022
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MicroWorld eScan Total Security Suite review: A suite not big on change

The world of computer security changes quickly, with new intriguing threats to consumers and unseen zero-day vulnerabilities. But like traditional email scams eScan Total Security Suite from MicroWorld Technologies remains the same. 

If you compare eScan TSS from four years ago and today, the Windows program is nearly identical. That may be by design as enterprises don’t like change, and MicroWorld’s focus appears to be on enterprise, not home users.

The starting point for TSS is a dashboard with nine tiles. Each tile represents a different feature of the security suite, such as file scanning, web & parental control, firewall, and so on.

Note: This review is part of our best antivirus roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

untitled IDG

eScan Total Security Suite’s dashboard.

Like many other security suites, it uses a color-coded system to help you view problems or potential problems at a glance. If something is red it needs your attention, if it’s green then all is well. It also displays some statistics relevant to each section, such as number of files scanned and so on.

The first time you start up TSS you’ll probably see a lot of red as a number of features are not enabled by default. One of the oddest of these, at least on Windows 10, is the firewall. TSS does not enable it by default, but it also turns off Microsoft’s firewall upon installation. That’s not a great outcome. Personally, I just reactivated Microsoft’s firewall as the TSS firewall seemed like it was designed with IT departments in mind and not everyday users.

escantssfileantivirussettings IDG

eScan TSS’ file scan options.

The TSS scanning feature is labeled File Anti-virus, which seems a little overly specific and confusing. When you click on this tile it shows you a stats screen with the number of files scanned, whether the antivirus is enabled, and so on. Click on Configuration > Settings and you can customize what eScan does if it detects malware on a per-drive basis. This section also lets you deny access to certain files, and prevent executables on USB drives from running.

escanscan IDG

The scan options in eScan TSS.

If all you’re looking to do is run a scan, however, click Scan in the lower-left corner of the desktop app, which is accessible from any screen. TSS lets you scan the entire computer, USB drives, or the CD-ROM drive; create a custom scan; or only scan your PC’s memory, the registry, and running services.


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