Minecraft: Java Edition is rolling out Snapshot 21w08a to interested testers, and includes a host of tweaks and fixes to the last Minecraft snapshot. All of this is in the name of testing the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Update, which isn’t slated to release until Summer 2021.

The latest snapshot for Minecraft: Java Edition renames the recently introduced “grimstone” to “deepslate,” updates textures for deepslate and various ores, tweaks ore distribution in the world, and more. It’s a solid snapshot for any dedicated player that’s been exploring the new cave generation and changes coming in the Caves and Cliffs Update. Mojang Studios does mention, though, that iron is awfully scarce in this new snapshot. Another snapshot should be arriving shortly that fixes this issue.

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The full changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 21w08a includes:


  • Tweaked cave sizes further
  • Canyon and cave carvers now apply below y=0
  • Cracks can now be found carved into the ground
  • Grimstone has been changed into Deepslate
  • Added Deepslate ores
  • The distribution of ores has been further tweaked
  • Andesite no longer generates under y=0
  • Tuff now sometimes generates under y=0
  • The Tuff layer of amethyst geodes has been replaced with now a new type of stone called Smooth Basalt
  • Smooth Basalt is now obtained from smelting Basalt
  • Another round of tweaking has been done to the new textures of ores and Blackstone
  • Emerald and Lapis Lazuli ore textures have had some touch-ups
  • Mineshafts now once again generate in the open air in caves
  • Particles now appear in the air around spore blossoms
  • Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks have been moved to the Redstone tab of the creative inventory


  • Grimstone is now called Deepslate
  • Deepslate now has a top texture, and a new block called Cobbled Deepslate drops from Deepslate
  • The cobbled variant is the same but without the top texture, and is used to craft all Deepslate variants instead
  • Deepslate now has a unique set of sounds! Very crunchy indeed

Deepslate ores

  • Added Deepslate versions of Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, and Diamond ores that generate wherever those ores replace Deepslate
  • Twice as tough to mine as normal ores

Ore distribution



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