Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Minecraft Preview brings plenty of changes to ‘The Wild Update

What you need to know

  • Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” released over a week ago with new features, changes, and more.
  • Now, Mojang Studios is working on improving the major content update with further improvements.
  • Minecraft Preview tests a few dozen of these planned changes, and is now available to players.
  • A “1.19.1” update for The Wild Update is in the works, but there’s no release date, yet.

Mojang Studios recently released the 1.19 update to all Minecraft players, dubbed The Wild Update, with plenty of new content and features. While the update is far from the most ambitious Minecraft release, there’s still plenty for players to explore. Now, Mojang Studios is working on improving The Wild Update with future patches and updates.

Minecraft Preview is now rolling out to interested testers in the Minecraft Preview program, and includes a few dozen fixes, changes, and improvements for Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update.” There’s nothing particularly exciting in this build, although mangrove swamps are now denser, and a handful of changes bring Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Java Edition closer together.


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