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Missouri’s statewide tornado drill causes confusion with alert to phones

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The National Weather Service cleared up confusion about a statewide tornado drill Tuesday morning.

According to tweets sent out by the National Weather Service Offices in Springfield and Wichita, the problem affected both Missouri and Kansas. A software upgrade may be the issue.

Springfield NWS clarifies warning issue
Springfield NWS clarifies warning issue(KY3)
Wichita NWS clarifies warning issue
Wichita NWS clarifies warning issue(KY3)

Phones across Missouri received a message claiming a “tornado warning in your area” around 10 a.m. The alert from the National Weather Service confused many since it did not indicate it was a drill. KY3 received several phone calls and messages asking if the tornado threat was real. It was only a drill.

National Weather Service’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist Steve Runnels said “In every test warning the National Weather Service provides, the word “test” is sprinkled throughout. Unfortunately, the test messaging within the cell was deleted, so unfortunately people were surprised by it. I guess in some ways, we did test the system.”

As a clarification, KY3′s First Alert Weather App did not push out the message to phones about a tornado drill, but did warn of the drill moments before it happened.

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