IHK & human rights

Updated 25 Feb 2021

If India continues to be pampered and the Kashmiris’ plight ignored, peace in South Asia will remain a distant dream.

25 Feb 2021

THAT the Sindh Police has taken an initiative to bring improvements to the criminal justice system is a positive…

25 Feb 2021

A NEPRA inquiry into last month’s power breakdown that left almost the entire country without electricity for up …

Return of militancy

Updated 24 Feb 2021

Extremism is a hydra-headed monster that needs a sustained, multifaceted approach to vanquish.

24 Feb 2021

THE more permanent and non-debt-creating FDI inflows to Pakistan have shrunk by a whopping 27pc to a meagre $1.1bn …

24 Feb 2021

THE protests against Myanmar’s Feb 1 military coup have refused to die down, with hundreds of thousands of people…



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