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Modern Trends in Online Gambling, which until Recently Seemed Like Science Fiction

Modern Trends in Online Gambling, which until Recently Seemed Like Science Fiction

New technological advances appear in the world every year. And in just over two decades of their existence, online casinos have made an incredible breakthrough, dramatically improving graphics quality and overall functionality. The subsequent move to mobile casinos was not a surprise. And now we understand that it is only a matter of time before smartwatches come into use. Just recently, live dealer games have broken into the industry, allowing players to turn their computer’s desktop into a blackjack or roulette table. And now it looks like the next step will be virtual reality.

What is the most interesting thing happening in online gambling right now?

Growing Interest in Live Dealer Games

Despite the fact that online games with live dealers are not new at all, in the last year they have become especially popular. Not least of all, this was influenced by the global pandemic, but this is primarily due to the unprecedented technology’s development. And if earlier only a few developers offered such an opportunity to players, now dozens of studios are ready to provide it. This format contributes to online gambling socialization and makes it resemble a real casino hall, and therefore users choose it again and again. The best online casinos such as Shangri La have adopted modern technology and provide their customers with the possibility of virtual interaction by installing Live Casino games on their platform. The broadcast is carried out through special 3D cameras. This allows players to feel the physical presence effect and full immersion in the process. This licensed platform provides fair results, independence from the random number generator and the ability to see dealers’ actions.

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Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

VR is a virtual environment created by a digital system, which becomes available with special devices. These include helmets, gloves and headphones. There is a complete replacement of the real world with an artificial environment. Through a VR device, you can not only turn on the image, sound but also feel the touch, smell, taste. So soon users will be able to literally “walk” through the elite casinos’ halls, sit at a real gambling table and interact with other players without leaving their homes. Already now, leading providers offer innovative products that help people fully immerse themselves in the gambling process and move to a real casino without any effort.

To do this, just use the Shangri La online platform. Here in the Live Casino lobby is the unique game Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. By combining the slots and live games features, Evolution studio decided to try something completely new and create a live show that has no analogues. And with a VR headset and controller, you can immerse yourself deeper into the game’s storyline and enjoy the thrilling adventure to the fullest!

It’s one of the best live casinos online in Canada, therefore, the newest games immediately appear here, including those with the ability to use VR gadgets. 

Online Gambling is an Area Where Holography Can Be Effectively Used Right Now

Holography is a high-quality, three-dimensional image. Holographic displays are the focus of the online gambling industry today. What is especially attractive in such screens is that the gadget itself is compact, takes up little space, but at the same time allows you to get a fairly large picture, much larger than on the screen of a smartphone or even a tablet. This allows users to see more details and fully experience their favorite game or luxury casino atmosphere. And that is not all. By all accounts, in 10-15 years, transparent circular displays will allow us to play at home in a holographic casino without special glasses from any angle at maximum resolution.

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Place Bets and Receive Winnings with Your Smartwatch

The current flagship smartwatches, as befits a modern device, are replete with various options. In the sense that the device functionality is extremely wide and it can do a lot. Moreover, some of the new features are pleasantly surprising. For example, in 2021, smartwatches connected to online casinos became a real discovery. So now you can use smartwatches for betting and entertainment. And in the near future, it is expected the release of card games with a simple interface, adapted for ultra-compact gadgets with small screens.

New Payment Options

According to experts, in the coming years, cryptocurrency dominance in the online gambling sector will begin. Analysts suggest that the use of currencies such as Bitcoin will continue to expand due to its simplicity and transaction speed. What seemed incomprehensible and discouraging just a few years ago may become the standard payment method for the online gambling industry. Already now players can fund their account on the Shangri La web platform using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

P. S.

Online gambling will continue to gain popularity over the next decade. With the latest technologies that enable players to enhance their gambling experience and are shaping the future of the gambling industry, exciting times are coming!

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