Saturday, June 25, 2022

“My Classic cars are my babies!”: Zach LaVine, Chicago star inline for a $212 million contract extension, has a stunning collection of classic cars, including 1965 ‘stang from ‘Ford vs Ferrari’

Zach LaVine makes money now – only right, he got some cool cars in his collection.

People who collect vintage items do it not for the sake of doing it but for the love of it. That is exactly what Zach LaVine got himself into by collecting Classic American Muscle. His collection includes a 65 Mustang, a 68 Pontiac GTO, and a Chevelle. Three of the most iconic cars, from three of the most iconic American muscle.

Currently valued at around 40,000 dollars for a mint example, the 65 ‘stang has a special place in history. It is the first car Mustang put out to compete with the other brands’ offerings. But what makes it cooler, is that this is the same model and year that was showcased in the movie “Ford vs Ferrari”.

The scene where Ken Miles and his son go to the new Mustang unveiling but get put down does a lot of rounds on social media. This is that same car, with a 101 hp and a 3-speed transmission. Doubt Zach’s kept it stock, though, because, from his photos and videos that he puts up on soc, the machine looks like a proper restomod.

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Zach LaVine has a nice cool collection of cars – his Pontiac being the prized possession of the bunch

Everybody has that one influence on them to start a hobby, and for LaVine, it was a few. But the most important car in his collection is the Pontiac, which his father had bought for him. He will not be selling that any time soon, out of respect and love for his father.

The windy city of Chicago has some of the wealthiest athletes – it is no wonder they have some of the best cars out there. Michael Jordan owned a full dealership. Dwyane Wade had quite the collection, even though he lived in Miami. Zach has quietly been building a new collection of cars himself.

The younger folks in the NBA are slowly turning into classic car heads, Devin Booker leading from the front. The Suns star has a cool collection of cars and has one machine that Zach is looking for. He has a few of the old classics but is looking for a Grand National – which Booker has in his collection. Maybe someday, eh Zach?

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