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Nanoleaf has announced the release of a new firmware update for company’s Essentials A19 Light Bulb and Light Strip that adds support for Apple’s HomeKit Adaptive Lighting feature. HomeKit Adaptive Lighting, which was introduced alongside iOS 14 last fall, automatically adjusts the color temperature of compatible lighting throughout the day with warmer tones in the morning and bright whites during the afternoon.

  • 1.4.29 (2021-02-08)
  • Added support for Color Scenes
  • Added support for Apple Adaptive Lighting
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Firmware version 1.4.29, which is available now through the Nanoleaf app, also adds the ability to use the Essentials products with Color Scenes. Scenes can include slow transitions, fades, pops, and more, and they can also sync with Nanoleaf’s signature light panel systems. The new Color Scenes functionality requires version 5.2.0 of the Nanoleaf app, which was also released today.

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Nanoleaf’s Essentials Light Bulb and Light Strip are currently available for purchase directly from Nanoleaf’s website, or through A single Essentials A19 Light Bulb retails for $19.95, and the Essentials Light Strip is available in an 80-inch starter kit for $49.95.


Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Light Bulb

HomeKit Adaptive Lighting and more

Nanoleaf’s affordable Essentials Light Bulb supports millions of colors, Thread wireless connectivity, and a new update adds HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. A simple plug-and-play design gets them up and running with HomeKit in minutes.

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