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New 2019 Peugeot 208 spied again during winter testing

Following its on-road sighting in September 2018, Peugeot‘s latest version of the 208 has been spied during its winter testing programme. Set for launch later this year, this revised model will be built on an all-new platform, designed to support all-electric powertrains.

These latest spy shots reveal little more about the new 208’s design than the last ones; the same key details, such as the lion-claw headlamps and sleek rear end. Also, we’re four months on from the last batch of spy-shots and we’re yet to see a three-door version of the new 208, which follows the speculation that the second-generation car will only be available in five-door guise.

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The new Peugeot 208 seems to take inspiration from the brand’s latest 3008 and 5008 SUVs, borrowing their upright grilles and U-shaped lower air intakes. The roofline tapers towards the back for a sportier look, while at the rear we can pick out a small boot spoiler and a bumper-mounted number plate. The front DRL signature is replicated at the back, in what looks like a full-LED set-up, whilst the dual exhausts hint towards this being the sportier GT-Line variant. 

Engine options will include a variety of small capacity turbo petrol units, as well as a full-EV for the first time. Previously, Peugeot 3008 Project Manager Marion David told us “we are working [electric powertrains] on for the 208 platform. The range is not long enough for the larger cars yet.”

That means the new CMP (Common Modular Platform) technology that will underpin the new 208, as well as future PSA Peugeot Citroen cars, is being engineered to support batteries and motors for all-electric models. The platform is set to shed weight over the current PF1 architecture, which will go some way to offset the weight of battery packs in the small car.

The petrols are expected to be three-cylinder turbos, with power ranging from around 70bhp up to nearly 150bhp for the 1.2-litre version. It’s not clear whether Peugeot will offer any diesel engines in its next-generation supermini.

As we revealed earlier this year, the range topping GTi will be offered both as a hot petrol model, as well as a powerful EV. It should offer more than 200bhp, as well as upgraded components that ensure it’s as fun to drive as its conventionally powered cousin.

The electric 208s would form part of the PSA Group’s plan to launch 11 EVs by 2021. While CMP will get a range of all-electric models, plug-in hybrids are on the way for larger cars like the new 3008 SUV, which will get a PHEV version in 2019.

New Peugeot 208 design direction

Peugeot’s stated goal is to become “the best high-end generalist brand” – more premium than Citroen but less luxury-focused than DS – so the 208’s styling will become more sophisticated.

As our exclusive images show, the 208 will replace its existing curves with crisper, straighter lines and Peugeot’s latest family face, with neatly incorporated LED daytime running lights. These can be seen in our most recent spy pictures, too.

The overall profile of the new generation will be close to that of its larger brother, the 308, although the 208’s overall length will stay at four metres. The front and rear overhangs should be shorter, though, thanks to a longer wheelbase, which should balance out to increase head and legroom inside.

That extra length will come from the switch to the all-new chassis. Unlike the Citroen C3, which stayed on PSA’s existing PF1 supermini platform, the 208 will get a fresh set of components. Called CMP, the new platform is being developed jointly by the French company’s engineers and technicians from PSA’s Chinese manufacturing partner, Dongfeng.

As with EMP2, which brought significant weight savings to the 308, and 3008, CMP should help the 208 to shed kilos and improve efficiency – it could be up to 100kg lighter, although some of that gain is likely to be ploughed back into a plusher interior.

Inside, Peugeot will further refine its controversial i-Cockpit set-up, while the central infotainment system will be upgraded for quicker responses. Greater smartphone connectivity and other multimedia features will be offered.

Sources suggest that the new 208 could make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2019.

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