Apple likes a Spring launch for its tablets, though not ever year, but it looks like 2021 will see a new iPad revealed in March, which is just weeks, or even just days away. And, surprisingly, it could be a new iPad Pro.

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That would be a surprise because it’s only a year since the last Pro upgrade, which saw the introduction of a LiDAR scanner and two cameras, with an updated processor.

Serial leaker Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who has a pretty strong track record for new releases tweeted that “AirTags are still on for March” and, when quizzed about iPad Pro, said, “Also March, as far as I know”.

While you might read that “as far as I know” as a less-than-emphatic response, I think it’s still a solid expectation that there’ll be a new iPad Pro. So, what do we expect?

Similar design, but one big change

The familiar look of the iPad Pro will be mostly unchanged, though it seems the speaker placement may be slightly different. The bigger model, with the 12.9in display, may be fractionally thicker on the new version, compared to today’s. And then there’s that big change.

Eye-popping new display technology

If the rumors prove true, this is when the iPad will, for the first time in its eleven-year history, not have an LCD screen. Instead, the tablet will have a miniLED display. With miniLED, each pixel is individually illuminated, giving rise to deeper black hues and greater contrast levels. This is a really exciting development.

It seems that it will only apply to the larger, 12.9in iPad Pro, not the 11in model.

Isn’t it too soon?

It’s a good question. There hasn’t yet been an update to the iPad Pro on an annual basis, so this would be a big change. But it’s an intriguing update, so let’s hope so.

Plus, it’s possible that this will come alongside a new iPad mini, which hasn’t been updated in a long time, so it may make sense to reveal the two models together.

This iPad mini, rumors suggest, will have a much bigger display, 8.4in against the current 7.9in, with slimmer bezels and Touch ID right where it is on the current model, that is, just south of the display.

More details as we have them, so please check back.

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