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The release of New Pokémon Snap is just around the corner, so it’s about time to gear up and get ready to head into the Lental Region. Of course, the goal here is to compile as many pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat as possible and to help Professor Mirror with his research. It’s our job as certified videogame photographers to take to the trails of the Lental Region and fill up that Photodex with over 200 different Pokémon. Still, even the most seasoned photographer can have trouble getting the perfect shot without the right tools.

Fear not! You won’t be heading into the field alone. Like the previous title, New Pokémon Snap has plenty of items to help you coax wild Pokémon into rare and adorable poses. While we are only aware of a few items you can use in-game, we’ll be sure to update as more information unfolds.

Strike a pose!

New Pokemon Snap Render

New Pokémon Snap

Gotta catch ’em all!

With a proper arsenal of useful tools, you can catch the perfect shot in New Pokémon Snap. Travel the Lental Region, exploring unknown territory as you help Professor Mirror research the Pokémon that live there. Discover deserts, beaches, and even go underwater in this exciting new photography-sim game.

New Pokémon Snap: Basic items

Before we get started, there are a few basic items you’ll receive straight away. Without these items, you couldn’t play the game, but they are important tools.

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Neon One New Pokemon SnapSource: Nintendo

It’s time to head into the wilderness of the Lental Region, but you won’t be going alone. One of the most essential tools on your journey comes in the research vehicle, the NEO-ONE. This pod is build to hit any trail, and it will keep you perfectly safe, no matter what terrain you encounter. Underwater? No problem. Lava? Forget about it! An upgraded version of the Zero-One from the original Pokémon Snap, you won’t need to worry about anything but snapping the best photos possible.


New Pokemon Snap TrainerSource: Nintendo

To take Pokémon pictures, you’re going to need a camera. This is the lens through which you’ll be viewing the region as you amble through courses on-board the NEO-ONE. You can point and shoot or choose to zoom in. The rest is up to you!

New Pokémon Snap: Throwables

Sometimes you need a little extra help when it comes to coaxing Pokémon out into the open or show off a rare behavior. Professor Mirror has thought of that, and like the previous game, players will have a few items they can throw at Pokémon to help get a better shot.


New Pokemon Snap FluffruitSource: The Pokémon Company

This classic apple-like fruit comes straight from the original. It’s Pokémon food, and it can help you capture some of the best shots. Players can use Fluffruit to drawn Pokémon out into the open, fill their tummies, and improve their mood for a chance to catch rare poses and fill up the Photodex. Additionally, you can use the fruit to lure Pokémon to different spots for a better shot or to interactive parts of the map for some fun poses, like surfing Pikachu.

Illumina Orbs

New Pokemon Snap Illumina OrbSource: The Pokémon Company

Professor Mirror developed these new throwable items. Players can use them to make Pokémon glow. Adding a little shine to Pokémon can lead to some interesting pictures by changing their look and how they interact with the environment. These orbs can even alter their special attacks and make for some compelling photos. You can also use them for better lighting, which is crucial for getting a clear shot.

Additional items and possible things to come

New Pokemon Snap Hoot Hoot MelodySource: The Pokémon Company

While the previous items in this article are confirmed based on the trailer and past games, a few other possible items can help players snag the best shots.

Musical instrument

Like the original Pokémon Snap, New Pokémon Snap will likely feature a musical instrument. According to the latest trailer, players can play music to coax a reaction out of the wild Pokémon. While the original musical instrument had several tunes to choose from, it’s unclear how many options will be available. Still, it would be great to see Snorlax up and cutting a rug again.

What about the pester ball?

While the original Pokémon Snap featured a throwball item called the pester ball, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed if it has made its way into the sequel. Players could throw the pester ball at items to get them to move, react, or even pass out if Fluffruit couldn’t do the trick. It’s unclear whether the Illumina orbs will be replacing this item, it’s an unlockable feature later, or if it’s out of New Pokemon Snap entirely.

Capturing the perfect shot

There you have it, a collection of all the items featured in New Pokémon Snap so far. There may be a few others Nintendo has kept under lock-and-key, so we’ll be sure to update this article closer to and after release. Regardless, this game is bound to be one of the best on the Nintendo Switch!

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