Photo Suzuki Swace Estate

Suzuki Swace Estate

The Suzuki Swace Estate arrives in the UK as a Suzuki-badged take on the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, the second Suzuki Toyota.

Early in 2019 we reported that a partnership between Toyota and Suzuki would see two new Suzukis arriving in the UK based on current Toyota models.

We’ve already see the Suzuki Across arrive as a Suzuki take on the RAV4, and now we get the second model with the arrival of the Suzuki Swace Estate, to all intents a Toyota Corolla Touring Sport with a few Suzuki tweaks.

The exterior changes don’t do much to hide the Corolla roots, with the Swace marked out by a different grille, restyled bumpers, LED headlights and slightly different tail lights. The interior is also pretty much pure Corolla too with a similar spec level including wireless smartphone charging, some new leather, 8″ infotainment and Air Con.

You alos won’t be shocked to learn that the powertrain is Toyota’s too, with a 70bhp electric motor supporting the 1.8 litre petrol engine for a total usable output of 120bhp, CVT ‘box and a trio of drivetrain modes – Normal, Eco and Sport – which do what they say.

Suzuki hasn’t delivered specific UK specs or prices yet, but expect equipment levels and trims to be unsurprisingly similar to the Toyota, and prices starting at mid-£20 thousands.


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