Friday, May 20, 2022

Newlyweds shot, dismembered and dumped in plastic trash bag by side of road in Mexico

The bodies of two women from Texas were found tortured, shot, dismembered and dumped by the side of a road during a trip to visit family in Mexico, according to reports.

The two 28-year-old Mexican citizens, Nohemí Medina Martínez and Yulizsa Ramírez, had been living in El Paso but were visiting family in Ciudad Juárez before killing, Spanish-language newspaper El Diario reported.

Facebook profiles for the two said both were originally from Ciudad Juárez, while Ms Ramirez was living in El Paso.

Chihuahua Committee for Sexual Diversity director Karen Arvizo told The Daily Mail that three children were left orphaned by the brutal killings of the couple, who were said to have been married in July 2021.

Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General identified two bodies, which were found on Sunday morning about 17 miles apart on Juares-El Porvenir Road in the neighbourhoods of San Agustin and Jesus Carranza.

An investigation has been opened into the killings but authorities have not yet identified a suspect or motive.

The March for Affective-Sexual Diversities in Ciudad Juárez demanded justice for the “terrible and brutal crime of two lesbian women”.

“It is a femicide and, surely, a hate crime due to lesbophobia, since it cannot be otherwise given the cruelty and viciousness with which they were murdered,” the group said in a statement to El Diario.

“We demand a stop to the messages of hate towards people of sexual diversity, gender identity and expression by power entities and the media that give rise to all kinds of aggressions that can validate taking the life of one person.”


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