Monday, May 16, 2022

Oculus ‘Half Dome’ prototype headset offers wider FOV in the same compact package

Following a day talking about a new dating service and the launch of the Oculus Go standalone headset, Oculus took to the stage once again at Facebook’s F8 conference to unveil a new prototype headset, currently code named Half Dome.

While most VR headset updates focus more on software than actual hardware changes, Half Dome looks as though it could bring some very beneficial upgrades to the VR headset space.

It uses varifocal lenses that can move up and down, depending on what content you’re focusing on to offer sharper focus. This means if you need to virtually hold something to read or need to focus on a particular object inside the headset, you will be able to see it clearly at a closer distance than currently required.

The process will work in a similar way to autofocusing on cameras, but won’t incur any noise or vibration when you’re wearing it, claims Oculus.

The varifocal lenses used also allow the Half Dome headset to offer users a wider field-of-view, increasing it from 100-degrees to 140-degrees, meaning you can see more by default, which in turn saves you from moving your head around.

The best part about these upgrades? Facebook says they can be achieved without increasing the size of the current Oculus Rift headset. So it looks as though the VR experience could be improved by way of better displays, before Oculus sets about making its headsets smaller.

Of course, this is just a prototype for now and Oculus hasn’t said when we can expect to see a consumer version. We’re hoping it won’t be too far in the future.


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