Onedome has raised $3.3 million in a round of funding for its augmented reality experience, The Unreal Garden.

Onedome will build the experience in San Francisco, and it will also build LMNL, an upcoming 10,000-square-feet interactive gallery opening this winter.

Evolve Ventures provided the funding. The company also received $2.22 million in convertible notes, or loans that lenders can convert into shares of the company. Overall, the company has  funding of $5.55 million.

“Onedome and Evolve are both passionate about the evolution of human consciousness. The investment was not one of technology or entertainment but of a shared belief,” said Bertram Meyer, Onedome’s CEO, in a statement. “Our mission to is create artful immersive spaces inviting a shift from Me to We. We are specifically choosing interactive experiences that are built to be shared with friends or family, and that invite a moment of awe and beauty, collaboration and presence. We want to touch, move and inspire.”

Evolve Ventures is an investment fund associated with the Evolve Foundation.

“Onedome uses technology and immersive experiences to connect people more deeply with each other and the present moment – fostering conversation and collaboration,” said Oleg Gorelik, president of Evolve Ventures, in a statement. “With Onedome we are investing in the forefront of using AR and other immersive technologies to shift consciousness by reaching large audiences, and we are looking forward to Onedome continuously deepening its offering.”

Above: Onedome

Image Credit: OneDome

Through partnership with Microsoft and HP, The Unreal Garden is a mixed-reality experience showcasing nine art installations from ten artists including multiple layers of perception. It lets guests become immersed in the artwork as they move around the space, seeing it from all angles and interacting with key components.

Located at 1025 Market St., The Unreal Garden debuted on October 19.

LMNL is a unique immersive art gallery experience, designed to inspire, amaze and transform. Featuring interactive installations, LMNL is an inviting environment of curiosity, contemplation, and collaboration – where the art responds to and is created by the participants.

Collaborating with 11 leading new media and visual artists from around the world, as well as Onedome’s own artist collective, LMNL is pushing the boundaries of reality evolved, through magical immersive
experiences that live at the evolutionary edge of interactive technology and art.



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