Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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OnePlus 12 Users Face Poor Build Quality on Their Devices

OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 12 in China and expected to arrive to international markets next month. While the new flagship is touted with promising hardware upgrades from the OnePlus 11 (review), the OnePlus 12 seems to be locally trending for a different reason, which is with the issue about the device’s build quality.

Over in Weibo, users are pointing out that their OnePlus 12 units are plagued with substandard assembly. Some have shared images (via Android Authority) of their handsets revealing noticeable gaps between the panels and frame. Plus, there are those who noticed of excessive use of glue material in some sections of the device.

However, the most bizarre so far is a post from user FIGO_2023 showing a dead small bug stuck between the panels. But even worse, the account also noticed a hair visibly sandwiched by the camera plate and the back housing.

OnePlus 12 build
OnePlus 12 users in China report of visible gaps on their handsets’ panels and frame. / © Weibo.com/u/1713487140

The problem appears to be concentrated on the exterior assembly parts, particularly on the joints and gaps between the curved back, camera panel, and chassis. Except from the visible impurities, the gaps seemingly do not impact the overall handling of the device and that is enough to compromise its IP65 dust and water-resistant rating.

OnePlus 12 in white with issue on gaps in frames
OnePlus 12 is shown with a dead bug and hair on the joints and panel gaps. / © Weibo.com/u/1287140245

The debacle has also caught the attention of Xiaomi’s executive Lu Weibing that has chimed in and expressed his thoughts, although he didn’t directly refer to the OnePlus. Accordingly, he has coordinated with relevant teams from the industry on finding for the cause of the issue. The official added that they have come to a conclusion that [OnePlus] has “looser” quality control even compared to Xiaomi’s budget brand, Redmi.

Will the same problem affect global models of OnePlus 12?

Presently, not all OnePlus 12 users have reported the same build quality concerns on their device. At the same time, OnePlus is yet to provide an official update. However, it has already seen that some Oppo’s customer services have been addressing the customers’ complaints.

Whether the same fate awaits those OnePlus 12 buyers in global markets is still unknown. But with the issue already arising, it’s likely that OnePlus has still enough time to iron things out in their assembly line before OnePlus 12 is internationally announced. Per rumor, the OnePlus 12 will debut in the US on January 23, which a month from now.

Are you looking to buy the OnePlus 12 next year? What are your thoughts on these reports about OnePlus 12’s poor construction quality? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section.


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