In a world of big and bad pro, plus, and premium smartphones, the OnePlus 7T is Baby Bear: Just right. Coming alongside a refresh of OnePlus’s own surprising “pro” phone, the 7T brings top-of-the-line specs, high-end features, and flagship-caliber performance at a price point that undercuts pro and non-pro phones alike.

All of which begs the question: Why do we even need “pro” phones? Curved screens, better cameras, and faster charging have become the hallmarks of “pro” phones, but the OnePlus 7T doesn’t feel any less complete or cutting-edge without the OnePlus 7T Pro’s edge-to-edge screen or pop-up selfie cam. If anything, the existence of the 7T Pro makes the OnePlus 7T seem like an even greater value than it is (even if the former isn’t actually available for purchase in the U.S.).

With a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 6.5-inch 90Hz display for $599, I can’t think of a reason why someone would choose to spend an extra $100 on the 7T Pro. Or an extra $400 on the Pixel 4 XL for that matter.

Update 10:00 am ET: The OnePlus 7T is available for purchase for $599 through and T-Mobile stores.

The same old missing features

Before we get into what the the OnePlus 7T has, let’s talk about what it doesn’t have: wireless charging and IP-rated water resistance. Still. (Neither does the OnePlus 7T Pro, so that’s not a reason to upgrade.)

oneplus 7t ports Michael Simon/IDG

You’ll still need to use USB-C for all of your OnePlus charging needs.

It’s something of a punchline at this point, but for a phone that purports to be a flagship killer, it’s becoming more and more of a glaring omission—especially since the OnePlus 7T will be in T-Mobile stores alongside the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11, both of which include wireless charging and IP68 water resistance in their least-expensive models.

As far as the latter goes, OnePlus claims that the its phones do have some degree of water resistance but doesn’t want to its users to pay for the certification through higher priced phones. However, it doesn’t actually offer any specifics as to how long and deep you can dunk your OnePlus 7T, so I wouldn’t recommend taking it swimming.

The lack of wireless charging is continues to be a head-scratcher, especially since OnePlus continues to lead the wired charging pack. The OnePlus 7T introduces OnePlus’s new Warp Charge 30T, which will fill up roughly 70 percent of the phone’s 3,800mAh battery in about a half hour. The proprietary tech puts the fast-charging wizardry in the charger rather than the phone to deliver a sustained 30-watt charge for longer without risk of overheating. And you won’t need to buy a separate $50 plug to enjoy it—OnePlus supplies a 30-watt 30T charger and cable in the box, besting the bundled powered adapter in the Note 10+ (25W), iPhone 11 Pro (18W), and Pixel 4 (18W).



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