Friday, December 3, 2021
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OnePlus 9 Pro 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, a price war to expect

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Given that Samsung has running promos for the Galaxy S21 Ultra that bring its starting price down to a grand, while OnePlus issued its first $999 phone last year, the OnePlus 8 Pro, it doesn’t seem illogical to compare the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro with Samsung’s finest for the season any more. Key OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra differences to expect:

  • 6.7″ vs 6.8″ 120Hz displays
  • 8GB vs 12GB starting RAM 
  • 256GB vs 512GB maximum storage
  • 3x vs 10x zoom
  • 4500mAh vs 5000mAh battery
  • 65W vs 25W fast charging 

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OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price, size, and display differences

Displays: 6.7″ vs 6.8″ 1440p 120Hz LTPO variable refresh displays 

Colors: Dark gray, light gray, blue, and green vs vs Silver, Black, Brown, Navy, Titanium

Big 6.7″/6.8″ display phones can’t be compact, and the OnePlus 9 Pro as well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra can’t be an exception. Moreover, the premium glass housings add to the weight and bulkiness, making them very uncomfortable to carry around and use with one hand. 

Why at the back the phones won’t look all that different, camera island at the top right corner and all, Samsung’s Infinity-O design moved the punch hole for the front camera in the middle of the display while OnePlus 9 Pro will keep it at the top left corner. The OnePlus mute switch is, naturally, expected to remain setting the buttons of the 9 Pro apart from the Ultra.

We hope it will be enough to match or beat the 6.8″ LTPO panel of the S21 Ultra that can reach record brightness, and offers granular 10Hz-120Hz refresh rate at the full display resolution. One thing the 9 Pro won’t be able to replicate, though – the active S Pen digitizer that the S21 Ultra has.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs, performance and battery life

The beasts of a phone are only separated by the amount of RAM and storage they will be available in, as the Snapdragon 888 and its integrated X60 modem come standard. The OnePlus 8 Pro is said to start with 8GB RAM/128GB ROM version, whereas the S21 Ultra keeps it real with 12GB RAM, all the way to a 16GB RAM/512GB model that is so in vogue that it’s currently sold out over at Samsung.
The expected 4500mAh battery in the OnePlus 9 Pro can’t be a match for the huge 5000mAh unit in the Galaxy S21 Ultra but last year the OnePlus 8 Pro scored extremely well on our battery life tests, even in our demanding 3D gaming endurance benchmark. Thus, we keep our hopes high that the best-in-class Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life performance in our database can be replicated by OnePlus, frugal LTPO display and everything. 
On the other hand, the 65W charger that the OnePlus 8T shipped with, is expected to make a cameo in the OnePlus 9 Pro as well, so it will definitely charge even faster than the not-slouchy S21 Ultra. There are also rumors for superfast wireless charging so the battery round may not be as easy a win for Samsung as it looks like on paper. 

OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera comparison

In any case, with the 8 Pro OnePlus finally demonstrated that it can create pretty decent camera kits and we expect the 9 Pro to perform comparatively well. The monstrous camera set on the S21 Ultra, however – 108MP main sensor plus 10x/3x optical zoom cameras – will be hard to beat for any current phone, not just the 9 Pro.


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