A teaser image for the OnePlus Buds.

After a series of leaks and rumors, OnePlus confirmed the existence of its true wireless earbuds. The new OnePlus Buds, a direct competitor to AirPods, launch July 21st alongside the OnePlus Nord smartphone.

For all the hype surrounding OnePlus Buds, we still aren’t sure how they look. Leaks and sketches suggest that the Buds will sport AirPods-like stems. Still, leaks aren’t always accurate. I suggest that you tune into to the OnePlus Nord launch event if you’re keen to get a first look at the Buds.

In a brief press release, CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau said that the Buds area a “burdenless” accessory. They offer “the right combination of sound quality, seamless connectivity, and an easy-to-use experience.” OnePlus’ last attempt at earbuds, the somewhat-wireless OnePlus Bullets, featured a 20-hour battery life and 10-minute fast charging.

We’ll report on the OnePlus Buds and Nord smartphone when they launch next Tuesday. But if you’re a hardcore OnePlus fan who wants a first look at the new products, then you should download the OnePlus AR App and watch the virtual launch event on July 21st.

Source: OnePlus via 9to5Google


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