Peak Design, the company behind many of the popular straps, mounts, tripods, and backpacks photographers and videographers use on the regular, have announced that they are diving into the world of mobile accessories. The company has launched its latest Kickstarter for Mobile by Peak Design, a new collection of mobile phone cases, mounts, and other accessories.

The company is attempting to combat “clunky, bulky, unattractive mobile accessories” with SlimLink, its new mounting technology that will apparently be compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe technology at launch. Peak Design Founder and CEO Peter Dering says that the company has been working on the mounting technology for four years.

“Phones are the most powerful tools in the world, and our goal was to create the most powerful accessories for them. We’ve been developing the SlimLink architecture for 4 years, and we didn’t stop until our cases and mounts looked better, felt better, and worked better than anything else out there.”

Mobile by Peak Design’s ecosystem starts with the Everyday Case, a polycarbonate phone case wrapped in what Peak Design claims to be a high-performance nylon canvas fabric. The company will launch with cases for both the iPhone and Samsung and plans to continue to add more brands as time goes on. For those currently without an iPhone or Samsung phone, a slim adhesive adapter will be available.

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In addition to the case, the collection includes a ton of other accessories including mounts for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, as well as the home or office. They have also developed a mobile wallet and a range of accessories specifically for photographers and filmmakers.

Each accessory was developed by a team of engineers over the course of 2 years and designed to outperform leading competitors in ease-of-use, form factor, ruggedness, and aesthetics. All accessories are built from premium materials, individually serialized, and guaranteed for life.


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