This winter, The Car Repair Club launches its brand which centers entirely on requiring no long-term, expensive contracts, while providing full “A-Rated” monthly auto repair coverage.

“The Car Repair Club offers the world’s first and only month-to-month coverage for cars with under 200K miles on them and can be canceled at any time,” said Peter Demko, Founder and CEO. “Cars break. It happens, and we pay the mechanic to fix them for you.”

There are no iffy middlemen, no telemarketers, no long-term contracts and no BS. The coverage can be used as long as you need, with none of the tricky mileage or time period “must use by” limitations that traditional big-contract coverages typically contain. Designed to put the power back in the hands of drivers, The Car Repair Club’s services are flexible and can be canceled at any time. It’s affordable with most vehicles starting between $24$59 per month, takes only minutes to sign up online and allows drivers to use any licensed mechanic or dealer in the U.S., making repairs easy no matter where you go.

The idea for The Car Repair Club began with a group of automotive, insurance and technology leaders that had a common vision: in today’s world of ecommerce, the old-fashioned extended warranty and vehicle service contract industries were outdated and too expensive.

“By creating an easy month-to-month coverage program delivered online, we could eliminate the typical middlemen commissions and complicated long-term contracts. This simplifies the process for drivers while retaining the same benefits of traditional coverage,” said Demko. “Our flexible, affordable and simple program is a major change from expensive limited contracts, the kinds of coverages typically sold by telephone marketers and high-pressure salespeople. We know what it’s like to be a car owner and believe The Car Repair Club is going to transform how things are done.”

Beyond simply paying big auto repair bills for members, The Car Repair Club also provides 24/7 support, roadside assistance, rental car benefits and more. Coverages are backed by an “A” (excellent) rating from A.M. Best, the industry-leading credit rating organization. Simply put, The Car Repair Club gives drivers a better, simpler and more affordable way to protect themselves from unplanned auto repairs.

To learn more about The Car Repair Club, visit

About The Car Repair Club
The Car Repair Club offers a program that is the first of its kind. Combining decades of multinational insurance, automotive, and technology expertise, The Car Repair Club created a simple and affordable monthly subscription program protecting customers against the high costs of common vehicle breakdowns – covering the repairs accident insurance won’t. To learn more about The Car Repair Club, please visit

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