Monday, January 24, 2022

Petrol and diesel drivers say EVs are only affordable to the rich

Other readers continued to underline the limited practicalities of owning an EV.

‘Bonyparte’ said: ”It takes me four minutes to fill my diesel tank. Until an EV can charge up within the same time I will never ever consider changing my car.”

‘Stacpollaidh’ replied: “Plus you do not need a new diesel engine every six to eight years, and it will not become virtually worthless to try and sell it on at that age.”

‘Mazzdiver’ concurred, writing: “Recently, members of my family travelled up from London to Yorkshire, two sevice stations had people waving cars through the slip roads as there was a long line of electric cars waiting to get a charge, so a loss of custom for the service station, and a couple of hours wait to charge an EV, complete and utter madness.”


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