Peugeot is considering expanding its range in 2023, with a small, premium model and a larger flagship among the options being considered by boss Jean-Philippe Imparato.

“We’re obviously looking at the next steps for the Peugeot line-up in 2023, yes,” said Imparato.

He added: “Do we add on top, or below? That depends on studies and discussions on this. It’s not a question of dimensions but positioning. You can go below in dimensions but up in terms of content. That’s one direction we could choose.”

Peugeot’s line-up has been much improved in recent years as the firm has shifted its image and made its models more desirable. Indeed, one third of sales of all Peugeot models are now of the top-spec models in any given range, while almost half are sold with automatic gearboxes. “I wouldn’t have believed that two or three years ago,” said Imparato.

The Peugeot range now includes the 108208, 2008, 308, 3008, 508 and 5008, which all compete in more traditional segments. The new addition to the Peugeot would likely not sit in a traditional segment to act as a bold design and technology flagship for the brand, but as a smaller, likely electric small car to rival the likes of the Fiat 500 and reborn Renault 5 or a larger flagship.

The next new Peugeot to be launched will be the new 308, which Peugeot will reveal in March. It will offer petrol and diesel engines and an electrified powertrain, but whether or not that will be fully electric or a plug-in hybrid isn’t yet known. Peugeot is also preparing to reveal a 10-year plan in the coming weeks.

The new 308 will mean that the 2018 508 will be the oldest car in the Peugeot range, aside from the 108 city car. Imparato was non-committal on the future for that car, because electrifying it isn’t an option at the moment, due to the added cost it would bring.

“Add in electrification, connectivity, 5G [and] NCAP [safety requirements] and a €10,000 car becomes a €30,000 one,” said Imparato.


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