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Magic Kingdom’s transportation hub, the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), is getting quite the makeover. The area’s overhaul began earlier this year. Once completed, the TTC will have new tram pick-up/drop-off areas and expanded security screening areas. While the work on the tram section has been slow, the security screening areas are progressing quickly, with one of the new screening areas opening to accommodate the Thanksgiving crowds. It seems that another security screening area will be opening shortly. Let’s take a look!

The work area is surrounded by green construction fencing, but the top of the new security screening structure can be spotted on guests’ way into the TTC.

We spied building materials (perhaps for the the unfinished edges of the roof) wrapped in blue tarp.

A closer look at the site reveals that work seems to be in its final stages, with smaller details left to complete.

Some of the posts have received a paint job. Plastic surrounds the posts to protect the new concrete below.

The most exciting addition to the site is tables! These are permanent tables, unlike the temporary ones used at the other new screen area when it opened.

What do you think about the work going on at the Ticket and Transportation Center? Do you think it will make your trip to Magic Kingdom easier? Let us know in the comments!


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