Pioneer is one of the first names drivers turn to when it comes to performing a head unit upgrade in their cars, as the company offers a wide variety of products supposed to fit most vehicles out there.

The latest-generation Pioneer head units come with Android Auto and CarPlay support, and some of them even allow wireless connections for added convenience.

If you previously encountered any issues with Android Auto wireless in your car when using a Pioneer head unit, make sure you check for software updates, as the company has released a new firmware version specifically supposed to improve the way you connect without a cable.

According to a support document published by Pioneer and which we also attached below as a PDF, the new firmware version is aimed at six different head units, and you can find the entire list at the end of the article. There are three different areas of focus for this firmware update, namely Android Auto wireless connections, USB storage device connectivity, and other bugs.

In other words, there are improvements for all three departments, and as far as Android Auto users are concerned, installing this firmware update should allow for a more reliable experience when connecting to the head unit without a cable.

Pioneer hasn’t provided any specifics regarding the Android Auto update, but if you previously encountered any issue with the wireless mode, there’s a chance it’s gone after installing this version.

Instructions to install the new firmware update are available in the embedded PDF document, but worth knowing is that it all comes to copying the new version on a USB drive and then launching the setup from the head unit. The process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, after which the head unit restarts to complete the installation and you’re done.

The head units getting the new firmware update are the following:

  • DMH-W4600NEX
  • DMH-W4660NEX
  • DMH-WC6600NEX
  • DMH-WT7600NEX
  • DMH-WT8600NEX



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