Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Play Holi with Smartphone: Google gives you a trick to ‘play’ Holi with your smartphone – Latest News

Festival of colours – Holi is here. Technology giant Google has created a unique method to celebrate the festival. It has developed a new trick using which one can play Holi with his/her smartphone or laptop.

Every time a user searches for ‘Holi’ on Google, the search result shows bowls filled with colours. Tapping on the bowls sprinkles colour on the device’s screen. Repeat the tapping to fill the search page with different colours.

The trick is available on both mobile and web Google pages and can be accessed by both Android and iOS users. Readers must note that the trick fills colours only on the search page. It is not available for other display parts.

This unique way of playing Holi with smartphone and laptop’s screen was shared by Google India in a post on Twitter. The tweet listed steps following which users can fill their phones/desktop screen with colours. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Google search app.

Step 2: Type ‘Holi’.

Step 3: Tap on the coloured powder bowls.

Step 4: Start tapping on your screen.

Step 5: Fill your screen with as many colours as one may like

Google also takes care that you can clean your device’s screen in case you want to start over or continue your online search. One can do so by tapping on the water drop icon, present at the top of the screen. This will wash off the colours from your search page. What must be noted here that the water drop icon appears automatically.

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The trick is similar to Avengers : Endgame Infinity Gauntlet easter egg created earlier this year. Tapping on the easter egg then completely wiped out the display.


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