The user interface, sometimes simply called UI, is different depending on the manufacturer. For example, Samsung smartphones use One UI, an interface where the design of icons and menus is very different from that on Huawei devices that use EMUI. We would like to know which of these interfaces is your favorite!

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Which Android interface do you think is the best? Be honest, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one your current smartphone is using, but the one that best suits your needs and the one you find most beautiful. Below are three of the most popular interfaces on Android, but you can then choose from a larger list which one you consider the best.

Samsung’s One UI

Samsung has come a long way in recent years. Until a couple of years ago, the interface offered terribly mismatched colors in an overcoat so modified that it looked like it had a device with flanged potential. Fortunately, things have changed and even if the interface is still not to some people’s liking, it has the merit of having become clearer and more mature. Below is a picture of One UI on the brand new Galaxy Note 10 Plus, working with Android Pie.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus hands on 1
Here is One UI under Android Pie. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei/Honor EMUI

EMUI is the interface installed on Huawei and Honor’s smartphones. In its latest version, EMUI ( (based on Android Pie) goes a step further than what Huawei had accustomed us to by offering us something soberer, a little more faithful to traditional Android values.

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EMUI regulars will see a difference, and Android stock purists will undoubtedly welcome the efforts of the Chinese manufacturer. You can have a preview with the image below, it is EMUI 9 on the Huawei P30 Pro.

AndroidPIT huawei p30 pro front
EMUI has made great progress. / © AndroidPIT

Stock Android

Android Stock is the interface for Android purists. Originally the interface of Nexus and some other manufacturers, the reference today is, of course, the Google Pixel phones. We won’t get into the question “Is it pure Android or pure Google?” because it’s endless, but what’s certain is that the closer your device is to using a version close to Stock, the faster (in theory) you will receive updates.

Below you will find an example of Stock Android on a Google Pixel 3a on the latest version of Android Pie.

AndroidPIT google pixel 3a buttons
This is the interface of the Google Pixel 3a / © AndroidPIT

We have only shown three of them but there are many other interfaces, you will find a lot of information about each of them in our smartphone reviews, so now it’s up to you to tell us which interface you prefer. Whether it is on your current smartphone or the one on the smartphone of your dreams, you can choose it from the poll below and, of course, justify your choice in comments.



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