At its spring-loaded event last month Apple launched a slew of brand new products, and there’s plenty to be excited about. Not only did we get the release of its mythical AirTag tracking device, we also got a first look at the brand new iPad Pro, the new 2021 iMac, and a new Apple TV 4K, the first update to the Apple TV in nearly 4 years.

Pr-orders for Apple’s AirTag have come and gone, and the device is now available to buy in stores, but pre-orders for all those other products are still ongoing, which brings us to this week’s poll. Drop in down below and let us know which of these products you’ve decided to go ahead and order (or which ones you’re planning to order).

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We don’t have official release dates from Apple, however, plenty of shipments for the new iPad Pro and Apple’s new M1 iMac are showing as May 21, suggesting they aren’t far away at all. You can select up to three options, so make sure you get down all of the products you’ve ordered! Then, be sure to jump in the comments section and let us know what you’ve ordered and why tell us what you’re excited about and why you decided to make the purchase. Or if you didn’t grab anything, tell us why not!

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