Potholes continue plaguing Omaha drivers.

Vehicle tires falling victim to the potholes, making drivers’ next destination the repair shop.

Potholes swallowing wheels on city streets and spitting them back out.

“I’ve been here 31 years, this is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said Bernie Ehlers, part-owner of Midwest Tire.

Ehlers and the crew are piling a mountain of pothole victims inside the body shop.

“Nonstop. Every day. Every day there’s something,” said Ehlers. “They don’t have a chance against the potholes in town.”

A revolving door of tattered rubber ready to be replaced.

“Tire damage, wheel damage, front-end damage. The shields that go underneath the front…the engine shield. Those get ripped apart,” said Ehlers.

Ehlers counted two-dozen drivers, each day over the past week, drive up to his garage looking for help.

Frankie Oles’s daughter, Courtney, wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the crumbling craters.

“Her tire was completely shattered,” said Oles. “It was 10:30 at night and her car sits pretty low so she didn’t see the pothole.”

“You just have to dodge them. When they’re filled with water, they’re even harder to see especially at night it’s almost like a mirage,” said Ehers.

Omaha drivers have to deal with the damage for at least another week.

No tire to stand-up against the potholes.

“Is there a way?” a 6 News reporter asked.

“You avoid the potholes,” said Ehlers.

Oles tells 6 News her daughter Courtney had to have a second tire replaced, as well.

The auto body shop told her she was driving “on borrowed time” because the tire could have pop at any second.

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Courtney has only been driving for a year and her mom is admittedly wary about letting her back on the roads.



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