Friday, December 3, 2021

Projects Pushing the Limits in Intelligent Transportation Will Compete at TEKNOFEST

Projects that push the limits in smart transportation will compete in Teknofest
Projects that push the limits in smart transportation will compete in Teknofest

The Smart Transportation Competition, which is organized under the leadership of IGA Istanbul Airport within the scope of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, is organized with the vision of investing in the transportation technologies of the future and establishing a productive unit.

In parallel with the increasing city population and urbanization, the competitors are expected to reduce travel times for land, sea and air transportation, increase mobility as well as traffic safety, provide energy efficiency and develop environmentally friendly projects.

Disability-friendly airport solutions in transportation systems, which are at the center of socio-economic and cultural life, and their integration with mobile applications, smart payment and pricing systems are among the subjects of the competition. Other topics include the smart transportation approach inside / outside the terminal, digital travel and perfect mobility experience solutions, meeting the technological and service needs for transportation needs, redesigning city transportation with innovative solutions for environmental sustainability.

In the Smart Transportation Competition, where projects that will make the mobility in the city simple, efficient and fluent will compete, there are also projects that will push the boundaries regarding the establishment of end-to-end and integrated transportation solutions, the infrastructure necessary to popularize the electrification of transportation, and the development of real-time traffic monitoring and methods.

First, middle, high school, associate degree, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and graduates can participate in the competition. The application deadline is February 12.000 for the competition where the first and high school level winners will be awarded 7.000 TL, the second 4.000 TL, the third 15.000 TL, the first 10.000 TL, the second 5.000 TL and the third 28 TL prizes at the university and above level.

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Those who want to start their career smartly are at TEKNOFEST

awareness creation in technology and science, society as a whole, Turkey aims to increase its trained human resources in science and engineering fields TEKNOFEST, Technology both personal and young people who participated in the contest also offers many opportunities to improve their professional skills. Young people participating in the competitions organized to participate in technical tours to Turkey’s leading technology companies the opportunity to win and gets acquainted with experts in the field of networking. In addition to material support, training camps, transportation and accommodation support are also provided to the finalists in order to realize their projects. Turkey offers me the opportunity to do internships in leading technology TEKNOFEST institutions, opens the door to a brighter future for the youth. Aiming to increase the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology, a total of over 5 million TL material support is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage this year to support the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields. Teams that compete in TEKNOFEST and qualify for the rankings will be awarded more than 5 Million TL.

Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, Turkey Technology Team of the Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology executive, Turkey’s leading technology companies, public, media organizations and is also the university is held together with 67 stakeholder organizations. To be a part of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, which will be held in Istanbul again between September 21-26 and to make your applications It will be enough to visit the address.

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