Monday, May 16, 2022

PUBG Mobile version 8 adds Sanhok map, enhanced airdrops and many more tweaks

There’s a new version of PUBG Mobile on the horizon and Tencent has released plenty of detail about this latest version of the game. 

The biggest change is the introduction of a new map, Sanhok. This takes the action into the rainforest, with classic south-east Asia architecture and names that make it look like it’s based on Vietnam. 

There are waterways transecting some of the land mass – great for those river patrol boats – and there are various larger settlements – Camps Alpha, Bravo and Charlie – as well as places like Paradise Resort and another quarry. 

We’re yet to actually play the map, but the release notes detail a new weapon, a bullpup 5.56 assault rifle, and a flare gun.

The flare gun can be used to call in an airdrop, bringing with it some special goodies. It can be used to call in a super air drop if you’re in the playzone, but if you’re outside the playzone then you can calling a bulletproof UAZ – an armoured car. We can’t wait to see how that plays out.

There will be a whole range of other tweaks, including anti-cheating measures, but we’re also excited that there’s going to be a “collect all” button for your rewards, so you don’t have to tap your way through all of them.

The new version is now available to download on Android, so hit that update button!


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