Oculus is finally getting serious about offering first-party ergonomic accessories. The company will offer several accessories for Quest 2 to help you get the ideal fit.

Quest 2 ships with a soft strap, but from our review of the headset we think you’re probably going to want something more substantial to add better support and a counterweight.

Luckily Oculus plans to offer an Elite Strap ($50) and Elite Battery Strap ($80) which will do just that. The Elite Battery Strap charges Quest 2 while you play and is set to nearly double the battery life. It also has its own charging port so you can charge the strap and headset’s battery together at once.

Along with the Elite Straps, Oculus will also offer a case for Quest 2 which has enough room for either the default soft strap or either of the Elite Straps. It also fits the controllers, charging block, and charging cable. The case will be priced at $50, but also sold in a bundle with the Elite Battery Strap for $130 together.

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Oculus will also sell a ‘Fit Kit’ for $40 which will give you two additional Quest 2 face pads which are made for wider and narrower faces than the one that comes included with the headset. The Fit Kit will additionally include ‘light blockers’ that will help block light from entering through the nose cavity.

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Oculus is further teaming with third-party accessory makers to make sure Quest 2 has even more officially licensed third-party accessories from the likes of Logitech and VR Cover.

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