The Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop is now available for order. It’s been some time since Razer first unveiled the PC at CES 2020, but the wait is finally over. The Razer Tomahawk is a modular gaming PC built around the Intel NUC platform. The PC supports full-sized GPUs, which means you can slot in some of the best graphics cards around.

The Razer Tomahawk is available without a GPU for $2,400 if you already have a graphics card. You can also order it with an NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE for $3,200. In his RTX 3080 review, our Harish Jonnalagadda said that the card is “the best GPU for 4K gaming.”

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The Intel NUC inside the Razer Tomahawk has a 9th Gen Core i9 processor. If you’d like, you can easily swap out that NUC for an upgrade in the future.

Razer designed the Tomahawk to be easy to upgrade. All of its internals are attached to a sled mechanism that slides out for easy access. You can also use this setup to clean the PC if needed. All of this can be done without any tools, which is a stark contrast to some PC builds.

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