THE 1980s was the era of big hair, soft rock, shoulder pads, leg warmers… and some weird and wonderful cars.

While everyday vehicles of today seem rather interchangeable, cars of the 80s had real identifiable style.

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Of course, back then motors weren’t as reliable as their modern counterparts, were prone to rusting and weren’t as good for the environment.

Regardless, a period which gave us such classics as the Mazda MX-5, the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Ferrari Testarossa can’t face too much criticism.

OK, there were a few clinkers released in the decade, too. We can’t imagine that anyone mourns the loss of the Talbot Samba, the Austin Montego or the Nissan Cherry.

But there’s no question that the era was responsible for some stone-cold legends of the automotive world, many of which are as popular and sought-after today than when they were introduced – if not more so.

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