Nature Fresh Farms pledges to reduce freight transportation-related emissions by becoming a member of SmartWay.

Over the past year, Nature Fresh Farms joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership to further its sustainable development and continue its environmental initiatives. SmartWay is administered in Canada by NRCan and is free to those interested in becoming members. It aims to help both shippers and carriers move goods efficiently by maximizing load capacity and keeping fuel costs and environmental impact at a minimum.

SmartWay is an internationally recognized program that encourages its members to be more aware of their carbon footprint by helping them track fuel consumption and improve their overall performance. Through its membership, Nature Fresh Farms can use the program to measure the environmental impact of their freight supply and use recommendations from SmartWay to improve and modify their transportation and operation strategies. With Nature Fresh Farms’ commitment to reducing emissions, its goal is to have at least 80 percent of its carrier base SmartWay certified by 2023.

“It has always been important for Nature Fresh Farms to recognize and understand our carbon footprint in every area of our operations,” shared Leigh Ann Breault, director of logistics. “Making the necessary improvements to our freight supply chain, using the recommendations provided from SmartWay, will only help reinforce our position as an industry leader in sustainability.”

With environmental performance becoming increasingly important as a business metric, more companies are becoming aware of the benefits of being a part of programs such as this. Having more than 3,600 North American companies signed on to the SmartWay partnership, Nature Fresh Farms membership demonstrates its continued environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.

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