There is no doubt that Xiaomi is one of the companies that provides the best value for money in terms of hardware. But in terms of software, they are just ruining users’ experience by adding multiple annoying ads, push notifications, and bloatware on their devices.

Xiaomi has also removed the “disable apps” options from the settings, which were available on the previous versions of the MIUI. Moreover, other companies like Xiaomi ships with background Facebook services and various other analytics tools. From a privacy perspective, this has harmful implications as you are no longer in control of your data. 

Instead of wasting storage and CPU resources on these useless apps, we will show you the easiest way to remove these apps. You can even choose which app you want. All you just need a Xiaomi device with MIUI running on it.

List of Bloatware on Xiaomi Devices

Bloatware is basically all the apps that are useless to you. In short, the apps are useless if you don’t actually use them. Bloatware apps use a large amount of storage space on your device. Moreover, they are using your CPU and RAM resources limitlessly. Like any other OEM-created Roms, MIUI also comes with a large number of default stock apps like Mi video, Mi Credit, Mi Browser, Mi Finance, etc.

MIUI Bloatware on Xiaomi Mi Analytics (Spyware?)
com.xiaomi.mipicks GetApps – app store like Google Play from Xiaomi. The most annoying one, periodically shows advertisement. MIUI Ad Services – also responsible for showing ads.
com.miui.cloudservice com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase  Mi Cloud
com.miui.newmidrive Mi Cloud Drive
com.miui.cloudbackup Mi Cloud Backup
com.miui.backup MIUI Backup
com.xiaomi.glgm Games
com.xiaomi.payment Mi Credit
com.tencent.soter.soterserver Authorize payments in WeChat and other Chinese services, useless if you don’t live in China.
cn.wps.xiaomi.abroad.lite Mi DocViewer(Powered by WPS Office)
com.miui.videoplayer Mi Video
com.miui.player Mi Music
com.mi.globalbrowser Mi Browser
com.xiaomi.midrop Mi ShareMe
com.miui.yellowpage Mi YellowPages. Some kind of caller id app. MIUI Gallery – if you use another gallery app WARNING: reports disabling it isn’t safe. But I had no problems after uninstalling it. Wallpaper Carousel
com.miui.bugreport com.miui.miservice Mi Bug Report – if you not using this feature
com.miui.weather2 MIUI Weather. I prefer another weather app.
com.miui.hybrid com.miui.hybrid.accessory Quick apps. MIUI package installer. Without it Play Store app will be used. It shows ads, but I like that you can manage app permissions before starting it.
com.xiaomi.joyose Unknown

Google Bloatware on Xiaomi Phones Location History Google Movies Google Music Google Photos Youtube – I prefer to use a browser Google Duo – video calling app Google Lens – identify things on camera Google search box – I prever to use a browser or widget Digital wellbeing Google Assistant

Facebook Bloatware

What the @#$%? I just got a fresh phone, didn’t install any Facebook apps and I still have a bunch of Facebook services eating my battery and memory.

com.facebook.katana Facebook mobile app Facebook Services
com.facebook.system Facebook App Installer
com.facebook.appmanager Facebook app manager

Stock Android Bloatware Default Browser – not necessary if you use Firefox or Chrome Wallpaper live picker Screen saver Screen saver Downloads UI. Periodically show notifications about files you downloaded. I find no use for it. Some Netflix stuff
com.zhiliaoapp.musically TikTok Yandex Search Yandex Zen com.ebay.carrier Ebay Store Ozon Store Aliexpress Store Some social media app


com.xiaomi.finddevice Result: endless boot loop, some time after it will ask to erase the phone and start over. Guess how I learned that?
com.miui.securitycenter Result: phone reboots only in recovery mode Result: you lose the phone icon Xiaomi App Vault. Result: if you are logged in with Mi account, device becomes locked, to unlock you should bring it to Xiaomi Services Center. Settings -> Home Screen crashes Settings app.

How to Debloat Your Xiaomi Device Based on Stock MIUI 12/11/10

Before debloating your device, you should actually know about the bloatware and why you should remove it.

Steps For Debloating Xiaomi Devices

  1. First of all, you need to install the Android ADB drivers. Checkout our post: How to setup ADB and Fastboot on PC.
  2. In order to install these drivers make sure you have your “USB debugging” option enabled. To enable this, go to your phone’s developer options settings and enable the USB debugging option from there.
  3. Now, download Xiaomi Debloater or Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools from here. Using this software will help you easily remove the apps by your preference. No need to use those complicated command lines anymore.
  4. Now just connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. The Debloater app will automatically detect your device.
  5. Select the apps you want to uninstall. Simply click on uninstall to do so. You can uninstall multiple apps at a time.
  6. Here is a list of stock MIUI apps you can remove.
  7. After clicking uninstall, wait for a few minutes and you are done!
  8. Make sure you don’t uninstall the security app as it’s a core app of MIUI. Doing so would land your device into a boot loop.

What To Do After Debloating? – Remove Ads on MIUI 12/11/10

You can make your experience greater by disabling those annoying ads that are packed in your Xiaomi devices. You have to do it manually as there is no special app available for it.

You can block push notifications of every app that you don’t want to see. All you have to do is to Tap and hold on the notification, disable the toggle and then tap on done. 

If you want to disable notification of all the apps then go to the settings and click on notification options. From there you can easily disable notifications of any app.

I would recommend you to disable notifications of apps like Dailyhunt, Mi Browser, Mi video, etc. because these are some apps that send annoying notifications all the time. Anyway, that is all from us. If you have some questions, comment down below and let us know. We will surely try to help you out.



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